Repair & Restoration Products

Innovative, high-performance products for new construction, restoration and repairs.


Cement All Plus

Mineral, synthetic-modified, multipurpose fast-setting repair mortar

Rapid Set Mortar Mix

Mortar Mix

High-Strength Structural Repair Mortar

Rapid Set Concrete Mix

Concrete Mix

Very Rapid Hardening Concrete

Rapid set Cement All image

Cement All

High-performance, fast-setting concrete repair material

Rapid Set DOT concrete mix image

DOT Europe Concrete Mix

Industrial Grade, Fast-Setting Cement

Rapid Set Asphalt

Asphalt Repair Mix

Asphalt Coloured, Cement-Based Pot Hole Fill & Repair Material

Rapid Set Flow control

FLOW ControlĀ®

Additive to Increase Strength and Fluidity

Rapid Set Set control

SET ControlĀ®

Set Retarding Admixture

Rapid Set Fast control


Accelerating Additive