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The exclusively developed new three nozzle “ Power Mist “ system which is standard on the OVE and Deck products. It dampens the air with a very fine mist without flooding.
Two piece hydraulic arm
Parking brake
Multi-Function controls
Adjustable outriggers
Caster wheels on each corner
96 degree swing lock hydraulic knuckle boom
180 degree slew ring
Water connection for “Power Mist“

PAM Features

The PAM Ove unit is used for Vertical and Overhead chipping or selective demolition.

Alongside its proven chipping productivity it has the added benefits of reducing heavy loads, vibration and silica dust on operators of traditional hand held air tools.

The meterage of productivity is 4 to 6 times greater than an operator with a hand held tool. A 16kg Pam Buster Breaker is integrated onto the PAM-OVE-35. A larger capacity PAM-OVE-65 is also available which will take a 30 kg breaker for larger demolition projects such as cooling towers. PAM OVE 35-65 can also be fitted with CP-22 & 32 Rock Drills for drilling holes in wall and overhead applications.

Benefits Of PAM

  • Increased production of up to 4-6 times faster than one man due to reduced operator fatigue and greater comfort
  • Fast, safe and consistent production on wall and overhead applications
  • Reduced Hand Arm Vibration Risk
  • Reduced costs through more efficient labour and time savings
  • Operator of any age will like to operate PAM
  • Vibration between 2.5 – 2.7 m/s2 depending on tooling and application
  • The PAM can be operated for periods over 8 hrs per day by one operative depending on tooling

PAM Applications

PAM & Parking Garages

Using a PAM to perform concrete chipping in a rehabilitation project is a no-brainer. The PAM has been designed to address safety and production issues specifically targeting restoration contractor’s worst fear   – concrete chipping.

Working with the PAM creates a win-win situation where you take care of both the wear and tear as well as the bottom line. Regardless of the parking structure type and the orientation of the spalled area PAM will consistently give you an edge on safety and performance

Using PAM on Bridges

It’s a well-known fact that as infrastructures are getting older, concrete delamination will occur.

The rehabilitation of this spalled concrete involves concrete chipping which is labor-intensive, strenuous and an inefficient task to perform. The PAM as been designed to overcome these issues by making the task easy, effortless, safe and efficient.

The PAM is compact it fits in a pickup truck or small trailer.It’s easily transportable to and on the job site

It’s also lightweight, and can be put on a scissor lift,  telehandler, hydraulic scaffold “Fraco”, quick deck, barges and on most access devices that can withstand the low dead load weight of the equipment.

PAM Foundry

The arduous tasks of foundry maintenance can now be done with reduced risk of injury. Applications such as chipping slag, refractory from ladles, auto-pour systems, furnace lips and refractory for relines can now be done safely.

These semi-robotic chipping machines are extremely robust and hardworking. They can be customized and configured to hold from 30 lb to 90 lb pneumatic hammers. The support arm removes the weight and exposure to vibration from the operator.

PAM on Tunnels

As an infrastructure sub-category, tunnels, subways and culverts suffer from the same “structural cancer” such as concrete delamination as a result of corroded rebars.

The remedy to this “cancer” involves concrete chipping which is labor-intensive, strenuous and a low productivity  task to perform. The PAM has been designed to overcome these issues by making the job easy, effortless, safe and efficient.

Whether you need to perform one or more of the following tasks, PAM is the solution by eliminating the wear and tear on workers as well as making them more efficient.

  • Concrete Chipping
  • Tile removal
  • Drilling for anchors
  • Drilling for hydrostatic bleeding
  • Selective demolition

Miscellaneous PAM Applications

Beyond common structures, PAM has been used in many other applications facing the same ergonomic and productivity issues.
To name a few…

  • Docks
  • Dams,
  • Balconies
  • Building facades
  • Structural seismic retrofitting
  • Industrial
  • Architectural

Because of the PAM’s high versatility, there are countless other applications that have not yet been brought to our attention.

PAM Drilling

Different jobs require drilling on vertical and or overhead surfaces. As an example there is a lot of drilling involved in structure seismic retrofit and dam rehabilitation.  These are, as concrete chipping, labor intensive and expose workers to potential risk of injuries.  Because of PAM’s versatility, accuracy and mobility, it has been used in these operations as well.  You will achieve the same benefits as handling a pneumatic hammer.  It will make the work easy and effortless, significantly reducing the risk of injuries and get a larger productivity in terms of linear foot of drilling per day.

RNP Industries research and development team is working on a special PAM turret design for the mining industry. It will also be of great benefit to the construction industry where deeper drilling is required.

PAM Demolition

There are demolition projects that won’t allow the use of large scale demolition equipment. Some of these restrictions include access limitations, bearing capacity considerations, accuracy requirements and maximum levels of impact energy.

That being said, handheld tools are still required to get the job done. However, the tools and task to accomplish are both labor intensive and very hazardous. That’s where the PAM comes in!

PAM is an ergonomic piece of equipment designed to safely handle heavy handheld tools as well as getting the best out of them. Here are a few examples where PAM was used to meet job restrictions.

Chimney / stack / Masonry / Cleaning / Tile and mortar removal

PAM Hydro Demolition

Hydro demolition technique, as an alternative to the traditional chipping hammer, has been increasingly popular for the past 10 years.  Mostly used for large surface preparation on concrete rehabilitation projects with robotic equipment, there are still smaller patches that cannot be done by robots and are completed by workers using handheld lances.  Issues using handheld lances are not the same as working with hammers.  There is much less vibration and airborne dust generated, however, the back thrust created by the flow and the pressure is a major concern as well as exposure to flying debris.  The large amount of water used in this process along with the sludge adds to the back thrust concern since it creates a very slippery environment.

Additionally, since PAM takes all the loads, we are able to add a protective guard to keep flying debris away from the workers.  Furthermore, you will be able to increase your flow and or the pressure since you are no longer limited to a back thrust a man can withstand, thus get an increase in productivity.   PAM withstands a back thrust up to 1000 N (225 lbs).

PAM Health & Safety

The Law

Hand Arm Vibration and exposure to Silica Dusts. HSE estimates that there are around 300,00 people with advanced state of vibration white finger, which is the most well-known form of hand arm vibration ( HAV ) Pam significantly reduces operators exposure to HAV

As an employee it is your legal responsibly to protect your employees and the HSE can impose heavy fines or custodial sentences that disregard the law.

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations 2002 which covers exposure of workers to

  • Construction Dust. (COSHH)
  • Health Risk
  • Lung Cancer
  • Silicosis
  • COPD
  • Astma

Our exclusively developed “Power Mist” system which is standard on our OVE and DEK products dampens the dust with a very fine mist.  Thus no vacuums or additional damping is required.

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