• Protoseal


    Protoseal boasts the smallest particle size in the industry allowing much deeper penetration, just 4 to 5 nanometers, where standard sealers can only achieve 40 to 50 nanometers. Because of this unique formulation, Protoseal can also be used to force contaminants from concrete that would otherwise be trapped, only to rise and cause delaminating. Protoseal has proven very effective. Protoseal represents the most technologically advanced coatings preparation in the industry today. Protoseal is completely harmless and eco friendly.

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  • ArmorGuard Cleaner

    ArmorGuard Cleaner

    ArmorGuard concrete cleaner converts bad calcium hydroxide (chalky calcium) to the good calcium silicate, which is extremely hard and will bond with the concrete permanently. This also acts as a penetrating sealer which will stop contamination from coming to the surface such as hydrostatic pressure, blistering and other problems. Ask any chemist or engineer and they will tell you this is a form of crystallization which helps prevent vapor transmission.

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    ArmorGuard Color Top Coats

    ArmorGuard® Clear Coat is odorless, non-toxic, NO VOCS. Our Clear coat cures as clear as glass and provides you with a durable heat resistant surface. Our clear coatings can be used indoors or outdoors. No ventilation or airscrubbers are needed. ArmorGuard® Clear Coat is also exclusive to microban a built in hard surface anti-microbial that will resist mold, mildew or algae.
    Perfect for: Counter Tops, Mill Restorations, Building Exteriors, Perfect after Mortar Joint Repairs, Picture impeding, furniture, bar stools, wood gutters, boats, stamped concrete, etc.

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