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Since STM was founded in 1990 it has been dealers for manufacturers that offers high quality, easily serviceable , long , lasting equipment for the use in surface rehabilitation , maintenance and cutting industry.

We supply a wide range of machines to grind ,scarify ,remove ,restore ,clean ,cut ,finish prep, level ,texture , scabble ,groove ,and smooth concrete , asphalt, metal , and masonry surfaces.

One of the range we offer has the trade mark "RENTAL TOUGH " trademark which signifies there involvement with the plant hire industry and what better way to introduce products that proves it's dependability and is available from a reiable source for demonstration hire or sale.

We supply a wide range of companies which include national hire companies concrete contractors , floor laying contractors , line removal contractors , surface preparation contractors , recreation and entertainment facilities, government and local authorities , manufacturing and food processing plants, utility companies , Airports and agricultural facilities.

With close cooperation with the manufactures of the equipment we try to improve our products and introduce new and innovative tools, always aiming to reduce labour , save time and help reduce costs.

We take Health and safety very seriously and are constantly working with our manufacturers to look at ways of reducing vibration by introducing anti vibration handles to limit the operators exposure to Hand Arm Vibration ( HAV ).

We offer a wide range of Diamond Blades and Cores from a entry level range up to Pro Contractor range. All blades a manufactured to EN 13236 and in oSa certified facilities. For more information and prices look under products.

So please call today because if you " HAVE A CONCRETE PROBLEM WE HAVE A CONCRETE ANSWER "

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