Anyone who has experienced holding a chipping hammer all day knows how painful this job can be. Finding good guys to do the job and keeping them is even harder. There is now an alternative to this problem; P.A.M. an ergonomic tool support.

    Simply put your tool on the carrier connect your pneumatic line to the unit and you're all set to work. In just a few hours anyone can be easily efficient chipping concrete. It's like an electronic game controller; aim the tool where needed and let P.A.M. do the job.

    P.A.M. advanced and unique technology is ideal for concrete surface preparation. It does all the supporting and positioning for overhead work, beams, walls and inclined surfaces. By providing effortless handling for the worker the benefits are immediate and the quality of life is enhance. You can now focus on increasing contracts capacity.

    This major breakthrough is the missing link between the man and the tool expected for more than a century in concrete removal. It's a no brainer!

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