• Downcut Walk-Behind Saw

    Downcut Walk-Behind Saw

    Heavy-Duty Anti-Vibration engine mount.

    Ideal for - Short-run slab cutting, contraction joints, patch repairs in asphalt, traffic loop installation and trenching.

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  • Tile Saw

    Tile Saw

    Cuts up to 12" tiles diagonally or 20" tiles lengthwise; 2-position tray makes it easy to cut large or small tile.

    Ideal for - Professional tile contractors, tile installers, floor covering suppliers, tile manufacturers and rental stores

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  • Masonry Saws

    Masonry Saws

    Universal cutting table with water drain holes and centered wood block eliminates cutting through tables.

    Ideal for - Professional masons, paver installers, paver manufacturers, landscape suppliers, masonry suppliers and rental stores.

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  • Hardscape Saw

    Hardscape Saw

    Cuts interlocking pavers, stepping stones, brick and stone or brick veneers, wet or dry. Shock mounted engine platform minimizes vibration to cutting head and rolling table for cleaner cuts

    Ideal for professional paver installers, landscapers, masons rental stores and do-it-yourselfers

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  • Crack Chaser Saw

    Crack Chaser Saw

    Optional straight cutting wheel kit for straight cuts or joint cleaning using an 8" wire wheel. Maximum depth of cut is 1"

    Ideal for - Crack repair specialists, concrete contractors, restoration and repairs contractors

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