• Grinders


    STM and Dickson Industries offers a variety of pavement grinders and saws to suit every surface preparation need. From the smaller ride-on Worx grinders to large diesel powered Vac Trac grinders with intergrated dust collector. These units can be fitted with many options such as rotary flail carbide grinders, diamond saws, brooms, computerized skip line controls and mechanical or computerized "slot cutting" attachments.

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  • Turbo Blast

    Turbo Blast

    In production since 1982, the Turbo Blast abrasive blast cleaning system is the most advanced surface preparation method available. All Turbo Blast models feature a patented interchangeable blast head design. This unique feature permits variable blasting widths to accommodate different blasting requirements with one machine. The Patented recovery system provides the ultimate in abrasive cleaning and recycling. Near 100% abrasive recovery means lower operating costs. Thorough, triple cleaning of the abrasive means extended component life and higher production rates.

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  • Truck Mounted Grinders

    Truck Mounted Grinders

    Truck Mounted Grinders provide the ultimate in production capability. Mounted on a heavy duty diesel truck chassis, these units are capable of high speed automated pavement marking removal, automated grooving for all types of inlaid pavement markings, and automated taper slot cutting for specialized pavement markers. Some have built on dust collectors or use the Road Vac dust recovery trailer, both provides near dust free operation. The truck can be fitted with 2 or 4 grinding heads. Tooling is steerable and fully controlled from the dual rear operator stations.

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  • Tilt Deck Equipment Trailers

    Tilt Deck Equipment Trailers

    Electric brakes, fully welded frame constructed of heavy channel, non-skid epoxy deck coating, safety breakaway system with rechargeable battery system, heavy duty safety chains, heavy duty load binders, adjustable height hitch system, ball or pintle ring attachment, front and rear clearance lights, tail lights, turn signal lights, tag light, tag mounting, sealed electrical system, adjustable hydraulic tilt speed controls, automatic retract taillights for easier equipment loading, vented hydraulic deck tilt reservoir, painted safety yellow.

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